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Flip the Switch

Learn How to Create a Million-Dollar Business in the LED Lighting Industry

In her book, Flip the Switch, Author and Entrepreneur, Michelle Mueller shares the secrets of her 21 years of experience in the lighting industry. Along with her husband, Reto Mueller, they’ve created a legacy brand and lucrative lighting business.

Michelle illustrates how they have partnered alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped many achieve their goal of financial freedom through business ownership. More than Thirty of them now own and operate multi-million-dollar businesses… and counting!

This book was designed to ignite your passion for American Entrepreneurship, while illuminating the paths to your success in the LED Lighting Industry.

No Limits to Your Success

Discover three things an entrepreneur needs to compete in today’s marketplace.

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Dare to be Different

You don’t have to buy a franchise to make a fortune. Create and establish your company brand with your own personality.

Build Your Brand

Harness the power of building trust. Help your business grow with consumers using these digital marketing strategy pillars.

Make the Sales

First and foremost, always be selling. Explore the proven methodologies to boost revenue using smooth and simple techniques.

Specify Partners

Stand tall with strategic partners and mentors. Create beneficial partnerships to improve your business growth strategies.

Foreward by: An American Entrepreneur and Multi-Million Dollar Mentor

Once you understand Michelle’s blueprint to American Entrepreneurial success. You’ll understand why, Kevin Harrington,
an original Shark from the hit show, Shark Tank, endorses her and chose to write the foreword for “Flip the Switch”.

“Garden Lighting LED is the rocket ship you want to hitch yourself to if you want your business to go to the next level in the lighting space.”

Kevin Harrington , American Entrepreneur

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “The reports of the death of the American Dream are greatly exaggerated.”
Flip the Switch will show you how to grab your part of that dream, and you don’t have to do it alone.

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Differentiate your Business with Strategic Partners

Meet the Author

Michelle Mueller

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Michelle has a track record for driving revenue and nurturing businesses through innovative marketing, sales and branding partnerships. Her specialties include Team building and Growth Strategies to reach desired organizational goals that accelerate sales and dominate markets.

Consistently throughout her career, she has proven to design and implement profit-generating business models that continue to inspire success for her company and strategic partners nationwide. As a multi-million dollar co-owner, she has transitioned a leading enterprise – that combines industrial lighting designs with next generation LED technologies and the advanced digital marketing platforms to support their entrepreneurial partnerships across the United States.

Establish Your Position

Read the strategies to open your doors into a million dollar business in the LED lighting industry.

Dominate Your Market

Enhance your outdoor lighting business with industry leading partnerships that nurture growth.

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